TWIZZLERS Gummies Assorted Fruit Flavored Chewy, Candy Bag, 7 oz

TWIZZLERS gummies are packed with yummy fruity flavors! Choose from a selection of peach and cherry, grape and cherry and lemonade and cherry flavors fused together with a twist whenever you're ready for a snack. These original flavors bring you a mashup of tasty goodness. You can try each flavor individually or eat them by the handful to mix each double-flavored chewy candy for a one-of-a-kind flavor combination. Bring a few bags on your next road trip, stock them in your pantry or have these fruity gummies ready for your next game night or movie marathon. TWIZZLERS chewy gummies with peach, lemonade and grape flavors, with a base of cherry sweetness, are also great to pack in lunch boxes and purses for a burst of fruity flavor wherever your day takes you. TWIZZLERS fruit flavored assorted gummies are fun to share at any celebration, especially during the holidays. Fill Valentine's Day gift bags, festive Christmas stockings, springtime Easter baskets and Halloween candy bowls. For a unique twist, add individual gummy sweets to your baked goods for a chewy surprise in each bite. Just don't forget to save a few assorted fruit flavored gummies for yourself to try during all of that sharing!