Traeger Hardwood Pellets, Premium, Signature Blend 20 Lb

Clean burn. Wood fired grills. Trusted performance & flavor. Good with anything. Flavor matters. Wood isn't just the fuel, it's the secret ingredient. When you choose Traeger, you're getting the most trusted hardwood pellets in the market. As the inventors of the wood pellet grill, Traeger has dedicated over 30 years to developing a premium blend of hardwoods with the compact cell structure needed for a dependable burn, low amounts of ash, and the perfect wood-fired flavor. We've crafted a proprietary blend of pellets with no binding agents that maintains the ideal moisture-to-smoke ratio, giving you clean, robust flavor. Our U.S. mills process 100% virgin hardwood, ensuring the quality and purity of our product from sawmill to shelf. Traeger mills only process all-natural, cooking quality pellets, and nothing else - they're as dedicated to their craft as we are. Manufactured on shared equipment in a facility that processes all of Traeger's Hardwood Pellets. Please recycle.