Seaworthy Espresso Dark Roast Hard Nitro Cold Brew Beer

Inspired by the richness of coffee and the quest for the unexpected, Seaworthy Hard Nitro Brew Espresso Dark Roast is a coffee flavored nitro brew. Crafting this cold-brew coffee beer begins with brewing high-quality, specialty malts then cold-steeping 100% arabica coffee beans. The addition of cold brew coffee and the infusion of nitro deliver a smooth taste experience unlike any other. This dark roast espresso-flavored malt beverage spiked with alcohol perfectly pairs and balances bold notes of freshly ground coffee with a sweet, creamy texture – without the addition of dairy. A robust, flavor-forward, nitro cold brew with a kick, this sessionable malt beverage captures cold brew coffee flavor and gives it a grown-up twist, making it the perfect transition from day to night, work to play, and high stress to just right. Cold Steeped. Brewed Hard. Sip and Set Sail. Drink responsibly. Malt beverage made with Coffee and Natural Flavor.  Brewed by Starcatcher Beverages, Daleville, VA