Gorton's® Breaded Fish Fillets 26 ct Bag

Trusted since 1849. 100% real fish no fillers. 100% Real Fish: Wild-caught Pollock, a mild, flaky white fish. Real Simple: No fillers, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives or hydrogenated oils, and tested mercury safe (Gorton's tests to ensure strict compliance with both Gorton's and Government quality and safety standards, including those for mercury). Real delicious! The Gorton's fisherman. USDA dietary guidelines recommended seafood twice a week (Typical serving is 4 oz cooked). No one makes it easier to enjoy great-tasting seafood than Gorton's! Real fish, simple ingredients. 100% wild-caught pollock. Breadcrumb coating. Vegetable oil. Wild caught. Trusted Catch. Sourced made packaged responsibly. Learn more at gortons.com/sustainability.