Ritz Crackers, Buttery Er 13.7 oz

RITZ Buttery-er Crackers are a flaky, delicious limited edition snack with a richer, buttery-er flavor. These RITZ Crackers provide a creative canvas for a variety of toppings, yet their wonderfully rich flavor makes them equally enjoyable on their own. Take your picnic or barbecue to the next level by making RITZ Pulled Pork Bites; simply top these snack crackers with barbecued pork, coleslaw, and a jalapeno slice. Or add these buttery crackers to a charcuterie board with soft and hard cheeses and guacamole. Whether it’s a formal event or a casual get-together with friends, these tasty round crackers that are reminiscent of butter crackers are an ideal snack food or appetizer for any occasion. And because these buttery RITZ crackers are delicious on their own too, you’ll want to keep them on hand for anytime you're in the mood for salty snack foods. Each 13.7-ounce box contains individually wrapped sleeves of crackers to lock in freshness and flavor.