Reese's Cluster Bites, Unwrapped 7 oz

Almost every baking ingredient pairs well with chocolate, right? Think about creamy peanut butter, smooth caramel and crunchy peanuts covered in chocolate — sounds like the epitome of delicious! REESE'S CLUSTER BITES chocolate peanut butter candies have all these ingredients stuffed inside a delicious candy cluster. One bite in and your taste buds will experience the joy of all four flavors combined into one glorious candy cluster. Plus, you can share this delicious treat among friends, family, co-workers or even strangers. These tasty REESE'S CLUSTER BITES candies are a great way to start up a conversation! Add these REESE'S candies to your ice cream sundae buffet, crumble them on top of cookies or place them on individually knotted pretzels to melt in the oven for a sweet, salty and gooey combination. REESE'S CLUSTER BITES candies are a kosher certified indulgence. They even make scrumptious holiday treats, whether you need a Christmas stocking stuffer, Halloween trick-or-treat candy, Easter basket filler, Valentine's Day present or a sweet treat to help you unwind. REESE'S CLUSTER BITES candies are a tasty candy treat to share or keep as a present for yourself. Bite into the crunchy and chewy sensation of a candy that has it all!