Reese's Candy, Eggs, Pieces 10.8 Oz

You and your family will love these Easter candies to pieces! Nothing is more fun than having a festive bag of colorful REESE'S PIECES peanut butter egg candies coated in a crunchy shell on hand during spring celebrations and Easter traditions. Fill your Easter baskets with bags of these tasty peanut butter treats or dump them into your favorite holiday candy dish for everyone to enjoy. These sweet treats are also a great addition to your plastic Easter eggs for the kiddos to hunt for. They're a sweet reward for a hard day's work of searching for Easter eggs! If some of your traditions involve a bit of baking, think about adding these REESE'S PIECES eggs as toppers to your cupcakes, pies and brownies or make them the eyeballs of your creative Easter Bunny cake. Enjoy these crunchy and creamy peanut butter treats to keep your springtime cheer to a maximum.