Reese's Big Cup, With Reeses Puffs 1.2 oz

A tasty REESE'S Big Cup Stuffed with REESE'S Puffs Cereal is the ultimate mashup of all things peanut butter and milk chocolate with an extra crunchy bite. REESE'S Puffs cereal tastes great with cold milk, but paired with a classic peanut butter cup, it turns an ordinary chocolate treat into a superbly exciting snack. Take a pack of REESE'S Big Cup Stuffed with REESE'S Puffs Cereal cups candies on your next road trip, hand them out during game night or simply fill your candy bowls and pantry with these creamy, yet crunchy peanut butter treats. REESE'S Big Cup candies are kosher and gluten free candies that can also help you create new desserts in the kitchen. Try crumbling peanut butter REESE'S cereal cups into cookies and brownies, use them to top ice cream sundaes and cupcakes or freeze these candies to refresh your taste buds with chillingly delicious flavors. REESE'S Big Cup candies are perfect for gifting during the holidays, too. Fill Valentine's Day gifts bags, stuff Easter baskets, top up Halloween trick-or-treat candy bowls and stuff Christmas stockings to the brim with milk chocolate covered peanut butter and REESE'S Puffs Cereal candies. Just don't forget to save a few for yourself!