Power House Soap Pads, Heavy Duty Steel Wool 8 Ea

Tough on grease. Shines aluminum. With biodegradable cleaners! Cleans toughest jobs fast! Bathroom, outdoor. kitchen. PowerHouse Steel Wool Soap Pads are great for your tough cleaning jobs! Long-lasting, grease-cutting soap pads clean baked-on greasy messes without rusting or splintering. For tough cleaning jobs, nothing cleans better than a steel wool soap pad! Removes rust stains. Returns shine to your pots & pans. Cleans tough jobs. Shines aluminium. Efficient use for: Kitchen: Plates, glasses, pots, pans, glass bakeware, stoves and broilers. Bathroom: Glass shower doors, tile countertops, porcelain tubs & sinks. Outdoor: Barbecue grills, tires and chrome bumpers, rusty lawn furniture, golf clubs. Contains no phosphates. Bathroom - Tile countertops glass shower doors porcelain tubs & sinks. Kitchen - Stoves & broilers, glass, bakeware, plates, pots & pans. Outdoor - Golf clubs, barbecue grills, rusty lawn furniture, tires & chrome bumpers. Exterior. Prime value for your family! Environmental Commitment: Contains biodegradable soap and detergent.