Pillsbury Frosting, Zero Sugar, Premium 15 oz

Easily prepare a delicious dessert with Pillsbury Zero Sugar Creamy Supreme Vanilla Premium Frosting. This frosting has no sugar and spreads evenly over baked goods. It is the perfect finishing touch to a variety of desserts. In addition to having zero sugar, this frosting is also gluten free. To use, simply stir the sugar free frosting and pipe or spread on cooled cake, use as cupcake frosting for birthday cupcakes or top cookies and brownies with the frosting for delicious vanilla-flavored treats. Pillsbury Zero Sugar Creamy Supreme Vanilla Frosting is great for birthday celebrations, an after dinner surprise or for simply indulging in the delicious flavor while following dietary needs. Pair with a Pillsbury Zero Sugar Cake Mix for an easy sugar free dessert. The vanilla-flavored frosting comes in a 15 oz tub, making it easy to store with your cake decorating supplies. Cover and refrigerate Pillsbury sugar free frosting for up to 2 weeks after opening. Pillsbury Zero Sugar Frosting makes enjoying dessert, while sticking to dietary needs, flavorful and convenient. With a variety of flavors to choose from, Pillsbury frosting and cake mixes will take your party or get-together to the next level. For further inspiration, the Pillsbury Baking website has delicious and easy recipes, fun ideas and simple baking tips to help you and your family create tasty memories together.