Wellabys Crackers, Feta Oregano Olive Oil

Gluten free with a feta oregano olive oil smile. Living well. Tasting great. Certified gluten-free. From the Sunday lunch discussions about our family's bakery business, to the summers we spent as young apprentices at our father's side, taste has always been a family affair. That's why every Wellaby's product embodies values such as trust and consistency in quality. Because when it comes to taste - we treat you like one of the family! - Alex + Dimitrios. A delicious gluten free treat ideal for: appetizers, snack time, lunch break, sharing. Dedicated gluten free facility. Wheat free. Baked not fried. Gluten free. 24% real cheese. A good source of calcium. Non-GMO. Free from MSG, tree nuts, soy, peanuts. We smile when you like us. Like: www.facebook.com/Wellabys.USA. www.wellabys.com. Dispose of properly. www.internaturalfoods.com. Product of Greece.