Altoids Mints, Cinnamon, Strong 1.76 oz

Life is full of breathtaking moments! The last thing you need is your breath staging a mutiny. ALTOIDS Cinnamon mints are the unsung hero your mouth never knew it needed. This iconic tin of curiously strong mints is renowned for delivering a flavor wave that obliterates bad breath on the spot. Take life by the reins with a trusty tin of ALTOIDS at your fingertips. Caught in a marathon of meetings? Greet colleagues with cinnamon freshness and a skip in your step – courtesy of ALTOIDS. Whether mingling during happy hour or embracing the magic of date night, your social adventures yearn for the minty allure found in ALTOIDS Cinnamon breath mints! Wherever you are, let ALTOIDS work its magic, ensuring the next thing out of your mouth exudes confidence – because that's the curious strength of ALTOIDS! Ready to conquer the world? Snag a tin today and watch bad breath surrender!