Hershey's Candy Assortment, Miniature Size, Share Size 9.08 oz

Enjoy a delicious chocolatey treat anywhere and anytime with HERSHEY'S, KIT KAT® and REESE'S assorted milk chocolate, peanut butter and wafer candy, perfect for concession stands and fundraisers. Offering four crowd-pleasing favorites, this candy assortment is perfect for sharing with family, friends, teammates or co-workers. Take this share pack into the office break room, pour some individually wrapped candies into your jar at home or take a box to your next sports game to celebrate the win. This assorted bag of milk chocolate candies contains HERSHEY'S milk chocolate bars, REESE'S milk chocolate peanut butter cups candy, REESE'S PIECES peanut butter candy and KIT KAT® milk chocolate wafer bars. Hershey candy bars are also great for parties, holidays, lunch boxes, desserts, picnics, tailgate parties and more. Try adding these assorted candies to your favorite dessert recipes like cookies, brownies and cupcakes. You really can't go wrong when you have miniature candy bars on hand. Add them to your holiday festivities, too! Stuff festive Christmas stockings, fill Easter baskets and plastic eggs, stock Halloween candy bowls and create Valentine's Day gift bags for everyone you love. Just don't forget to save a few milk chocolate and peanut butter candies for yourself during all of that sharing!