5th Avenue Candy Bar 2 oz

Packing a punch of rich chocolate coated peanut butter flavor since 1936, this 5TH AVENUE candy bar is a delicious treat that pays homage to the hustle and bustle of NYC. It's the ideal treat when you want a sweet and savory pick me up during the day. Plus, you can take these individually wrapped, kosher certified treats with you on your next adventure, whether you're on a hiking trip, packing school lunches or running errands, this candy bar makes the perfect snack. The taste profile of a 5TH AVENUE candy bar makes it a fun snack to munch on during your lunch break, movie night, annual celebration or as a midday treat and evening dessert. Each bite of a 5TH AVENUE candy bar is full of rich chocolate candy and crunchy peanut butter to fill your taste buds with loads of flavor. For anyone who loves to bake, add these peanut butter and rich chocolate candy bars to your cookie recipes, as a crumbled topping for your cake icing or as a base for your next dessert bar. 5TH AVENUE chocolate candies also make great gifts for the holidays. Stuff them in Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, Halloween candy bowls and Valentine's Day gift bags. Just don't forget to save one for yourself!