Uncle Ray's Potato Chips, Ripple 4.5 Oz

Family made. Quality foods. The life and times of Uncle Ray. Chapter 19 soup's on. I was a cook in the navy, and we had a good crew, mostly. But Russo was from Brooklyn and he had kind of a bad attitude. One morning the crew chief took him to task for throwing out the leftover breakfast hash browns. 'what else am I supposed to do with them?' Russo snapped. The chief said, 'look, stupid, what you have left over from breakfast, you use for the soup for lunch!' Russo turned red as a beet and he didn't say a thing, but sure enough, after we had pancakes for breakfast the next morning, bits of them were floating in the soup for lunch at noon. Well, that wasn't exactly what the chief had in mind, and he chewed Russo out for what seemed like five minutes. Russo was in a stew, and he cut loose with the other cooks and me the next day-cussing the chief up one side of the galley and down the other. What he didn't know was that the chief was in the pantry, taking inventory about 15 feet away. We tried to tell Russo, but he was on a roll. When Russo finally cooled down, one of us yelled to the chief and asked if he had heard Russo. There was a silence, and we all waited for the explosion. Nothing happened, until finally the chief just said, 'yep'. And that was it. From then on, with the group of us, it was smooth sailing. Thoroughness. Following the rules. Treating your superiors and coworkers with respect. Letting bygones be bygones. From my family to yours, thank you for choosing uncle ray's. - Uncle Ray.