Rays Dill Potato Chp

Family made. Quality foods. The Life and Times of Uncle Ray. Chapter 24. RIP Van Winkle Have you ever done something wrong and wished you could undo that wrong? I attended Boynton School in Detroit, Michigan. In the seventh grade I had been chosen to play the part of Rip Van Winkle in our school play. My teacher thought I had a strong voice and that I would be perfect for the part. After many weeks of rehearsals with my classmates the day had finally come. There was one problem; I was suffering from an acute case of stage fright. The day of the play I never made it to school. When I returned to school neither my teacher nor my classmates ever said a word to me about how I had disappointed them. Over the years I have often wished I could go back in time and show up at school that day. It would have given me a chance to try to do my best in spite of my fears. Should my classmates read this, I would like to tell them how sorry I am for disappointing them. I have learned in business, as well as in my personal life, that it's not failing that matters, but the fact that you tried and that you care. Responsibility: Keeping our promises. Making things right when we do wrong. Knowing and doing what God and others expect of us. From my family to yours, thank you for choosing Uncle Ray's. - Uncle Ray.