Rickland Orchards Greek On the Go! Granola Bites, Greek Yogurt Coated, Mixed Berry Acai

With other natural flavors. Strained Greek yogurt coating imported from Europe. Good source of fiber - 3 g. Good source of protein - 5 g. Contains 9 g of total fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat content. Soft, chewy, delicious! Our Story: It all started with a simple discovery - People all over the world are mixing Greek yogurt with granola and fruit to create a delicious combination with the added benefit of protein. We love it and eat it too, but it isn't always easy to put together when life's realities have us constantly on-the-go. That's when the idea hit us. Could we take strained Greek yogurt - blend it with granola and fruit - and transform it into a convenient, great-tasting snack? After many trips to Europe, and our secret recipe, the answer was yes! Now we are able to deliver this strained Greek yogurt recipe from the lands of Europe to your kitchen pantry. The best part: no mess, prep or refrigeration needed. Give it a try and awaken your taste buds - and don't forget to try Rickland Orchards' other uniquely inspired products too! Contact Us At: www.ricklandorchards.com; 800-613-5580. Facebook: facebook.com/ricklandorchards. Twitter: at greekonthego. Made in the USA with domestic and European ingredients.