Zatarain's Family Size Red Beans & Rice 12 oz

Zatarain's Family Size Red Beans and Rice is a flavorful dish that is perfect as a side or jazzed up as a meal. With pre-cooked red beans and bell peppers, you can enjoy the authentic flavor and soul of New Orleans in less than 30 minutes. A quintessential New Orleans dish, traditionally prepared on Mondays when a long stovetop simmer gave home cooks time to do laundry. Today, red bean lovers rely on Zatarain’s for classic flavor in a fraction of the time. Enjoy Zatarain’s Red Beans & Rice as a main course or side dish. Supplement with sausage, ham or pork chops, or hold the meat and have a tasty vegetarian meal. However you prepare it, Zatarain’s Family Size Red Beans & Rice Mix is hearty but not heavy, packed full of flavor and an instant crowd-pleaser. Family Size means six servings per box- 50% more than regular size boxes.