Ragu Sauce, Chunky, Garden Combination 24 oz

Savor the hearty taste of Ragú Chunky Garden Combination Pasta Sauce. Brimming with hearty vegetables, diced tomatoes and spices, our Chunky Sauces stay close to the roots and create a seasoned, well-balanced flavor in any meal. Vine-ripened tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots, zucchini, and green bell peppers combine in this spaghetti sauce for a seasoned taste. A great option for family dinner, Ragú Chunky Garden Combination Pasta Sauce is made with high quality ingredients. Cook like a mother with a chunky red sauce that’s chocked full of flavor and vegetables. The savory garden vegetable tomato pasta sauce can be mixed with penne, layered with lasagna and ricotta cheese, added to vegetable pasta primavera for a tasty dinner you and the kids will enjoy, or used as an appetizer in veggies quesadillas, minestrone, or dips. For over 80 years, Ragú has made Italian pasta sauces inspired by an Italian mother's recipes for a familiar taste that feels like home. To maintain freshness, refrigerate this 24 oz. jar of garden vegetable tomato sauce after opening.