Osem Israeli Cake Meal

Matzah with a Mitzvah (a worthy deed). Made with Israeli Matzah. JNF, Jewish National Fund, for Israel forever. Kosher for passover and all year round. Of all the blessed acts in which we are engaged in this country, I do not know if there is a more fruitful enterprise, whose results are so useful, as the planting of trees, which adds beauty to the scenery of our country, improves its climate and adds health to its inhabitants - David Ben Gurion, 1949, Prime Minister of Israel. Concern for Future Generations: Jewish tradition encourages the planting of trees as an expression of concern for future generations. Even before the Jewish people entered the land of Israel, they were told to plant trees. Israel is a small, semi-arid country and more than 60% of its land area is desert. The planting of trees holds back the desert, prevents soil erosion and improves air quality. By purchasing the following Osem Passover matzah products, your mitzvah (a worthy deed) will be even greater. For every 5 boxes of any Osem Matzah product purchased, Osem will donate 2 dollars to JNF to plant trees in Israel. Maximum donation of 400,000 dollars. No added salt or fat, no cholesterol, no MSG, no preservatives. Product of Israel.