Ortega Traditional Refried Beans 16 Oz

Gluten free. Good source of fiber (See nutrition information for sodium content). Ortega Refried Beans are made from only high-quality pinto beans. www.ortega.com. Twitter. Facebook. Questions or Comments? Visit www.ortega.com. Refried Beans are the perfect complement to any Mexican-style meal. They provide traditional flavors the whole family can love.; Serve on nachos, tacos, quesadillas and burritos.; Combine Ortega Traditional Refried Beans with cheese and sour cream for a dip perfect for corn chips and nachos.; It all started with chile peppers! The Ortega Chile Packaging Company was born in late 1800's when Emilio, the son of Maria Conception Jacinta Dominguez Ortega, moved to California and founded the first commercial food operation to preserve and package chile peppers, seeds for which he brought with him from New Mexico. Just like Mama Ortega, Emilio took great pride in the food he prepared and focused on providing the highest quality peppers to create the very best salsas and chiles.