Herdez® Fajita Size Flour Tortillas 8 ct Bag

Authentic Mexico’s brand. herdeztrasitions.com. Facebook. Facebook.com/herdeztraditions. For more authentic recipes, visit herdeztrasitions.com. Questions-comments 1-800-333-7846. Tradition you can taste: at the heart of Mexican cooking lies Herdez brand, Mexico’s (hash) 1 salsa brand. Bring this tradition into your home with Herdez salsas. Herdez guacamole salsa, Herdez salsa verde, Herdez salsa casera. When it comes to authentic Mexican cooking, HERDEZ® knows tortillas not only draw many different ingredients together, they draw people together, too. No one can resist the bold, authentic taste of fajitas, especially when served in a soft, white flour tortilla sized to complement a sizzling skillet of classic fajita fillings. Try HERDEZ® Flour Fajita Style Tortillas and watch the crowd gather around your table.