GE CFL Bulb, General Purpose

Brightness Quality: 900 Lumens. Energy Info: $1.69 Based on 3 hrs/day, 11 cents/kWh. Cost depends on rates and use. 14 Watts. Has Energy Star Logo Is Energy Smart Package Info: 1 Bulb Info: CFL Is Dimmable Bulb Life: 9.1 Years Based on 3 hrs/day. Bulb Appearance: 2700 Kelvins. Misc: General purpose CFL bulb. Energy Smart. A smart way to save energy. 60W replacement. Dimmable. Brightness: 900 lumens (Lumens are stated in base-up position. In base down position, lumens will be 950). $50 energy savings per bulb (Electricity cost savings based on using the bulb for 10,000 hr rated life at 11 cents per kilowatt hour compared to ten 60 watt soft white incandescent bulbs (rated life 1000 hrs)). Comfortable, inviting light. Improved dimming now dims to 5% brightness. Self-ballasted lamp. C/UL/US listed. Visit us on the internet - Limited Warranty: Guaranteed to last 5 years based on rated life at 3 hours consumer use per day at 120V. Reliable starting to 32 degrees F (0 degrees C). Lamp requires a short warm up period to reach full brightness. This product complies with Part 18 of the FCC Rules, but may cause interference to radios, televisions, wireless telephones, and remote controls. Avoid placing this product near these devices. If interference occurs, move the product away from the device or plug either into a different outlet. Do not install this product near maritime safety equipment or other critical navigation or communication equipment operating between 0.45-30 Mhz. Not intended for use with emergency exit fixtures or lights, electronic times, or photocells. Made in China.