Bounty 2-Ply White Select-a-Size Huge Paper Towel Rolls 2 ct Pack

Some messes are bigger than others. Fortunately, Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels feature Trap and Lock Technology, which means one sheet locks in the mess. It also means you can determine how much towel you need for the mess you're dealing with. Bounty's small sheet cleans big. You can choose to use less with the small but powerful picker-upper. If you love Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels, also try Bounty Quilted Napkins. 2 Select-a-Size Huge Rolls is equal to 5 Select-a-Size regular rolls. Paper towel size: 11in x 5.5in. 2x More Absorbent Vs. the Next Leading National Brand Pick-a-Size Select-a-Size Paper Towels Let You Determine How Much Towel You Need for the Mess At Hand Features Trap & Lock Technology, Which Means One Sheet Locks in the Mess Come in a Variety of Attractive Prints