BC MAX Strength Fast Pain Relief Powder, Lemonade Drink Mix, Aspirin & Acetaminophen, 16 Count

Dealing with tough headaches and body pain? Try BC Max Strength powder pack sticks. BC Max provides maximum pain relief at the speed of powder. Tension headache or back and body aches, BC has specialized pain relief that’s right for you. BC Powder MAX Strength is the maximum level of pain reliever available over-the-counter including Acetaminophen and Aspirin in addition to 65 mg of caffeine. There's nothing stronger on pain without a prescription. BC MAX Strength Powders feature a great-tasting lemonade flavor that is easy to swallow on-the-go. Pour BC Powder on your tongue and follow with a non-alcoholic beverage or mix it with a non-alcoholic beverage and drink. Any way you take it, BC stops pain fast. Whether you choose Original, Cherry, MAX, Arthritis, or Sinus Pain & Congestion, trust BC to take care of your pain fast.