Arm & Hammer Advance White Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste, Tartar Control, Gel + Mouthwash, Fresh Mint

3 Shades whiter. One tube! Fresh from the dentist feeling of clean. For a white, healthy smile & fresh breath! Two-way breath odor protection. First, baking soda naturally neutralizes breath odor-causing compounds for long-lasting freshness. Then mouthwash flavor penetrates between teeth to leave your whole mouth minty fresh! Gently cleans away surface stains. Penetrates tiny crevices to clean away deep stains. Safely polishes for whiter & brighter teeth. Contains fluoride for cavity protection. I've got a secret. Did you know people have been brushing their teeth with baking soda for over 100 years? To clean and whiten their teeth and freshen their breath - without harming tooth enamel. Which is why Arm & Hammer launched the world's first toothpaste formulated with baking soda in 1987. Since that time, thousands of dentists have recommended baking soda toothpaste for healthier teeth and gums. So maybe it's not that big of a secret, after all. Try it for yourself!