D de la vega Color Hair Dye Kit, Permanent Cream, Dark Brown 3.0

With algae extracts and collagen. More protection and shine. The result will depend on the color of your hair. If your hair is gray the result might be lighter than the one in the sample. If your hair is dyed and you wish to apply a lighter tone, you should bleach your hair before applying the desired tone. Choose the ideal tone for your hair. Hair technology in hair nutrition. More protection, shine and color for your hair. Formula enriched with marine algae extract providing a natural nourishment to hair, keeping it radiant and silky. When the algae extracts blend with the natural keratin of hair, the ingredients that protect and seal the cuticle are activated, which prolongs the duration of the color, and restores shine and natural balance of the hair. Expert Advice: Dark Brown 3.0 is perfect for ivory white skin tones, resulting in a natural-looking spectacular contrast. D. de la Vega Color always gives radiant and intense colors which cover grey hair perfectly. www.dlavega.com. Cream formula that nourishes and moisturizes your hair, giving it softness, shine and natural appearance. More protection to your hair during the application. Colors that stay and perfectly cover gray hair. Its consistence allows you to handle the product easily without dripping. Ideal to lighten and darken your hair or cover gray hair with a simple application. Its exclusive combination of ingredients gives volume to your hair. The collagen enriched conditioner gives flexibility and body to the hair adding softness and making it easy to manage due to the quality of its conditioning and texturizing agents, the treated hair will be hydrated and have more uniform color coverage. Made in Mexico.