Spice Classics Chicken Seasoning 4.5 oz

Spice Classics® Chicken Seasoning Salt delivers consistent, bold flavor. This perfectly balanced blend will bring a bold flavor and add a delicious, hearty touch to any of your poultry dishes. Choose this exquisite blend of salt, spices like black pepper, garlic and onion for its flavor. Use Spice Classics® Chicken Seasoning Salt on homemade classic chicken pot pies, BBQ rotisserie chicken pizza, buttermilk-brined roasted chicken, towering chicken clubs, rotisserie chicken and boneless, oven-fried chicken. Choose this pre-mixed blend of quality spices to create that slow-roasted flavor you crave. How do you cook your chicken for a delectable, savory taste? You can roast rotisserie chickens on a gas grill or make it equally tasty in your indoor oven with chicken rubs and seasonings. Just rub a generous amount on the bird, and you're all set to go. Mix with flour to create a coating or craft a delicious marinade to infuse your chicken with extra flavor. You can also use this chicken seasoning salt on other meats like pork or vegetables like potatoes.