McCormick Salt Free Onion and Herb Seasoning 4.16 oz

McCormick Salt Free Onion and Herb Seasoning is a savory all-purpose blend of sweet onion, garlic and flavorful herbs to season your family’s favorite dishes, all without any salt or MSG added*. This salt free seasoning will satisfy your taste buds even if you are preparing low sodium meals. You will enjoy guilt-free dishes when you keep Onion and Herb Seasoning within reach when you’re cooking. Shake on everything from chicken and pork to vegetables, potatoes, salads, and even onion dip. Try our mouthwatering recipe for Turkey Burgers with Onion & Herb Aioli. For salt free flavor, without the hassle, this seasoning comes in a convenient bottle with a flip-top for easy dispensing. *Except Those Naturally Occurring Glutamates