McCormick A Hint of Sea Salt Mexican Taco Truck Seasoning 4.27 oz

McCormick A Hint of Sea Salt Mexico Taco Truck Seasoning is a zesty blend of savory garlic and onion, tangy tomato and lime juice, and McCormick spices including chili pepper, cumin and cilantro. It brings a new level of flavor to your cooking without a lot of effort. Get ready for some mouthwatering meals with this seasoning inspired by the flavors from a Mexican taco truck. Sprinkle it on chicken, taco and fajita fillings or burrito bowls. Spice up sides like grilled corn, beans, guacamole, salsa or try our recipe for Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. Shake this low sodium taco seasoning on everything without the guilt – it’s made with a hint of sea salt with no MSG added* and is gluten free.