Dash Seasoning Blend, Table Blend 2.5 oz

Dash Salt-Free Table Blend Seasoning Blend helps make cooking delicious again. This Dash seasoning is an all-purpose blend of savory herbs and spices that is easy to love and simple to pair with almost anything. The flavor of this no salt seasoning blend is created by mixing over 16 different spices together, including cayenne pepper, coriander, garlic and orange peel. Dash Table Blend Seasoning is kosher and makes a great meat rub, fish seasoning and vegetable seasoning. Dash Table Blend Seasoning lets you enjoy a delicious meal without skipping out on taste. This Dash salt free seasoning is perfect for bringing instant flavor and a little bit of spice to your favorite chicken, burgers, vegetables and salads. Smarter cooking is simple with Dash salt free seasonings. Dash salt-free seasoning makes a flavorful statement.