Sylvias Fish Fry 10 Oz

Restaurant recipe mix. What a way to fry. Queen of soul food. There's nothing like fried fish sandwiches with hush puppies for Friday supper. Or eating fried fish on Sunday morning with grits and biscuits with syrup. That's what my family does every week. If you have never had a fried fish sandwich, here's what we do down South. Top a slice of soft, white bread with the fried fish, hot and crisp from the frying pot, then smother it with my Sylvia's Kickin' Hot Hot Sauce and another slice of bread. At Sylvia's Restaurant, we serve fried whiting or catfish with any two side dishes. It's extra good with our Seasoned Collard Greens and Black-Eye Peas. Try it any way you like it, and come visit us! Love, Sylvia.