Wicker's Marinade & Baste, Hickory Flavor

Just like the other Wicker's sauces, Wicker's Hickory Flavor is still produced in that same, old fashion, hometown way. Peck Wicker would be proud because Wicker's Hickory Flavor is his original marinade. We just added the hickory flavoring, creating a great sauce. The longer you baste, the greater the taste. The Wicker's Way: A cooking legend was born over 50 years ago in the small Missouri bootheel town of Hornersville. In today's world, Peck Wicker's versatile sauces, made from the finest spices, continue as the favorite with award winning chefs and cooking teams. Not only a great taste, the marinades contain no sugar or fats and are low in calories. Flavorize and tenderize your meats the Wicker's way. Ideal for pork, poultry, lamb, seafood and wild game. Adds spicy flavor to casseroles, soups, chili and gravies. Use on grill, oven or crockpot.