McCormick Zesty Herb Marinade Seasoning Mix 1.06 oz

McCormick® Grill Mates® Zesty Herb Marinade Seasoning Mix makes backyard barbecues memorable with a classically delicious blend of basil, garlic, onion and jalapeno peppers. It’s perfect for all that you’re grilling this summer, including pork, chicken, shrimp and vegetables. Crafted with McCormick® herbs and spices, our marinade mix adds the zesty flavor that makes everything tastier and juicier. So versatile, it’s more than just a marinade mix. Try mixing with ground beef for savory burgers. Or, use as a simple, yet flavorful rub, on meat before grilling. For the best ever summer veggies, prepare the mix as a marinade, toss with tomatoes, zucchini and bell peppers then grill. Serve as a side or topping for pizza, bruschetta or salads.