Quaker Grits, Quick 5 Minute 18.4 Oz

Smooth & creamy texture. Enriched white hominy corn. Per 1/4 Cup Serving: 130 calories; 0g sat fat, 0% DV; 0 mg sodium, 0% DV; less than 1g total sugars. Est. 1877. Wholesome & delicious anytime. Our grits make a great addition to any meal! Mix things up and try a new grits topper your family will love - from savory butter, salt and pepper, shredded cheese, green onions, chives, bacon, sausage, or shrimp, to sweet cream, honey or sugar. Tiny dark specks occasionally found in our grits are naturally occurring in the corn we use in this product and do not affect the taste or texture. Quick and easy! Quakeroats.com. SmartLabel: Scan here for more food information. 1-800-694-7487 Call for more food information. We're here to help. Quakeroats.com or 800-694-7487. Please have package available when calling. Also try Quaker instant grits: Quaker instant grits original; Quaker instant grits cheddar cheese; Quaker instant grits country bacon; Quaker instant grits red eye gravy & country ham; Quaker instant grits butter; Quaker instant grits cheese lovers; Quaker instant grits flavor variety.