Ahold Sweetened Toasted Oat Cereal Oats & O's Honey Nut

Sweetened toasted oat cereal with honey & natural almond flavor. Amount and % Daily Value per Serving: 110 calories; 1.5 fat - low (2%); 0 g fat sat (0%); 140 sodium (6%); 22 g total carb (7%). Good source of 13 vitamins & minerals. Whole grain. 16 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Enjoy today. Our tasty Honey Nut Oats & O's are the perfect way to get your morning started with a flavorful burst of crunchy goodness. Make it count. Did you know this cereal is not only delicious, but also full of all sorts of good things? It's an excellent source of iron and contains 33% of the recommended daily requirement for whole grains. Low in fat, and a good source of 13 vitamins and minerals including calcium, this cereal can get your day off to a jolly good start. Make it fun. Who knew breakfast could be so much fun! When you start your day off with a bowl of Honey Nut Oats & O's you're starting the day right. Crunchy and absolutely delicious - start your day with a crunch and a smile. Start your day in good taste - deliciously good! Enjoy the benefits of a good breakfast choice. This cereal is a Healthy Idea. It's low in fat and a good source of 13 vitamins and minerals. Healthy Ideas is a simple way to know you're making healthy choices when you shop.