Waiakea Water, Deep Well, Hawaiian Volcanic 16.9 Oz

Typical Analysis: Naturally alkaline pH: 7.6-8.2; Total dissolved solids: 83 mg/L; Bicarbonate alkalinity: 41 mg/L; Magnesium: 2.9 mg/L; Potassium: 1.7 mg/L Naturally alkaline. Electrolyes. Waiakea Volcanic Water originates in Hawaii through both snowmelt and rain on the pristine summit of the active Mauna Loa volcano one of the purest environments on earth. Live Healthy. Filtered through porous volcanic rock natural electrolytes and minerals. Naturally alkaline. Live sustainably. 393 Mill gal/day source sustainable yield 100% post recycled Eco-bottle certified carbonNeutral. Live Ethically. For every liter you buy, Waiakea provides a week's supply of clean water to those in need while contributing to local Hawaiian non-profits in education and conservation. waiakeasprings.com. For more information and to obtain additional consumer information relating to water quality, including a bottled water report contact Waiakea at 1-855-Waiakea or waiakeasprings.com. Kamaha. Pump Aid. Keiki Steps inplace. BPA free. Save the planet earth, please recycle!