Stash Decaf Tea Bags Vanilla Nut Creme - 18 CT

Stash Decaf Tea Vanilla Nut Creme Tea Bags. Premium: Explore our world of tea. Since 1972, Stash has been dedicated to providing premium quality teas. Stash begins with tea leaves from the world's premier tea gardens and the finest herbs and spices gathered from around the globe. Our master blenders combine these botanical ingredients to create unique and delicious teas that are 100% natural and free of artificial flavors and colors. Whether you enjoy caffeine free herbal teas, green teas, black, white, oolong or decaf teas, with stash you get a wide range of exceptional teas that have been expertly blended for full flavor in every cup. A deliciously smooth, full-bodied black tea with a rich vanilla nut aroma and flavor. Add a splash of milk and sugar for a sweet, creamy dessert-like drink. Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Certified sourcing. Recyclable. Shop our full line of teas, unique tea gifts, teapots and accessories, or request a free catalog.