Lipton Iced Tea Bags - 24 CT

Lipton™ Iced Tea Bags. 100% Natural. Specially Blended For Iced Tea. Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Black Tea. One Tea Bag Makes One Gallon. 0 Calories Per 1/16 Tea Bag. Net Wt 24 Oz (1 lb 8 Oz) 680g. The bright thinking that goes into your glass... Our founder was a man on a mission - to share his passion for tea around the world. He believed that everyone deserved high-quality, great-tasting tea. And over 120 years later, that belief in still what drives us - inspiring more flavors, more varieties, and more love than ever for everything tea. A brilliant taste for a brighter day... Our master blenders have crafted this delicious blend from carefully selected tea leaves, capturing as much natural tea taste and aroma as possible. Simply brew with boiling water, sweeten and add the ice cubes. Then, take a sip and let great-tasting Lipton® tea brighten your day. Food service environments: Cleaning & sanitizing: Important - To prevent bacterial growth and protect tea flavor, clean and sanitize* tea brewing and dispensing equipment at least once a day. Brewer: 1. Clean and rinse brew basket between cycles. 2. Wash brew basket with detergent and warm water, rinse thoroughly and sanitize*. 3. Wash decanter with detergent and warm water, rinse thoroughly and sanitize*. Tea dispenser & faucet: 1. Inside surface of dispenser - Using hot water, dishwashing detergent and non-abrasive bristle brush, scrub interior of dispenser. Be sure the interior of the outlet shank is scrubbed to remove residues, then rinse thoroughly. 2. Outside surface of dispenser - Wash surface with sponge using hot water and dishwashing detergent. 3. Sanitize* all interior and exterior surfaces of the dispenser, including any mixing utensils and covers, with a chlorine solution (50 ppm).* 4. Remove faucet assembly from dispenser by unscrewing from urn. 5. Disassemble faucet - Separate bonnet, seat cup and faucet body. Pull seat cup from faucet body, and inspect seat cup for wear or hardening. Replace, if necessary. 6. Scrub all faucet parts shown with bristle brush, using hot water and dishwashing detergent to remove all tea residues. 7. Sanitize* by soaking all parts for a minimum of 3 minutes in a chlorine solution (50 ppm). 8. Let all sanitized parts drain and dry. 9. Reassemble faucet and reattach to dispenser. Hand tighten only. *Note: Preparing sanitizing solution - A 50 ppm chlorine solution is easily prepared by pouring two capfuls of chlorine into one gallon of warm water. This product contains 45mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz serving. To learn more about tea's role in a healthy lifestyle call 1-888-LIPTONT (1-888-547-8668) or visit © Unilever.