Ocean Spray 100% Juice, 100% Grapefruit 60 Oz

No sugar added. 90 calories per serving. From concentrate. We're blushing. Ever have someone make your day with an unexpected surprise? Did it make you blush? We have some news to do just that. Ocean Spray 100% Grapefruit juice is made with Ocean Spray Grapefruit, picked at their peak of ripeness. Due to a shortage of delicious, Indian River white grapefruit, Ocean Spray 100% Grapefruit Juice is now blushing with a naturally invigorating blend of both 100% white and 100% pink grapefruit juices. The best news of all, it still has the same great taste you've come to know and love! Enjoy all the benefits of our delicious 100% juice: no sugar added (not a low calorie food - see nutrition facts for sugar and calorie content); no preservatives; no artificial flavors; 2 servings (1 cup) of fruit (each 8oz glass is equal to 1 cup of fruit. The USDA MyPlate recommends a daily intake of 2 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet); 100% vitamin C. Thanks for Choosing Ocean Spray: For questions or comments please call 1-800-662-3263. M-F 9 am to 4 pm EST. Please have the entire package handy. Tastes good. Good for you! Pasteurized. Please recycle. Contains 100% juice. For concentrate country of origin, see bottle.