New Orleans Roast Coffee, Ground, Southern Pecan 12 Oz

Made with 100% Arabica coffee. Inspired by classic New Orleans flavors of creamy pralines & a rich, buttery finish. Artificially flavored. Small batch roasted. A True taste of New Orleans: The history of coffee in New Orleans is rich and strong with its introduction to the city in 1720 by French explorers. Today, one third of all the coffee in North America lands first on the docks of the Crescent City, making your cup of New Orleans Roast the freshest possible. Led by Roastmaster Felton Jones, our coffees offer unmatched quality - whether you prefer flavor hints of French chicory, the buttery taste of our Southern Pecan coffee, or a deliciously balanced Dark Roast, our 100% Arabica coffees bring the uniqueness of New Orleans to your cup. Small batch roasted. In 2008, New Orleans Roast began roasting coffee in the city's historic. Fauborg Marigny district, just steps from the French Quarter. Strolling down the banks of the Mississippi River past our roasting facility, one cannot miss the distinctive aroma of our coffee beans, freshly roasting, one small batch at a time - it’s meticulous process it makes our roasts so special and flavorful. We select only the finest beans, sourcing 15 origin coffees from Sumatra to Ethiopia, from Honduras to Brazil and beyond - allowing us to perfectly craft coffee blends that are as flavorful as the city we call home. For additional information: (985) 792-5899 or Find out more at