Pace® Avocado Salsa, Medium 15.600 oz

When it comes to Pace® Avocado Salsa, avocados are king. Made with honest, high-quality ingredients, like real avocados and crisp onion, Pace® Avocado Medium Salsa can bring a delicious, spicy kick to any dish. Plus, it contains no artificial colors and is gluten free! The smooth, creamy texture is perfect for topping and dipping, since it provides a unique, balanced, and bold flavor profile in this medium salsa. Whether you're using it to dip or in your favorite recipe, Pace® Avocado Salsa is the perfect pantry staple. Pour Pace® Avocado Salsa over your favorite foods like tacos, chicken, eggs, enchiladas and more – or simply enjoy as a dip with chips! Try an exciting twist on traditional red salsas. Pace® has had a passion for salsa for over 73 years. Our salsas and sauces are made in carefully crafted batches using ripe tomatoes, savory onions, and hand-picked jalapeños. From chunky salsa to restaurant style salsa in mild, medium, and hot, Pace® salsa has a just the right kick to add to any meal or snack. Or, try Pace® picante sauce or queso for your next taco night. To kick it up, pick up the Pace!