Oreo Sandwiches Cookies, Gluten Free, Golden 12.08 oz

The OREO Golden Sandwich cookie you know, and love is now a certified gluten free treat. These gluten free vanilla wafer cookies are made with a blend of gluten free flour and pair the scrumptious flavor of Golden OREO Cookies with the classic OREO creme filling. OREO Gluten Free Golden Sandwich cookies are a tasty new spin on the classic treat, and just as dunkable. These Golden OREO Cookies are great as sweet snacks to enjoy on their own, dunk in a glass of cold milk, or feature in a gluten free dessert recipe at your next party. These gluten free OREO cookies are also perfect for packing as lunchbox snacks at school or at work. The resealable pack with the easy-pull tab keeps these tasty OREO gluten free cookies fresh and is great for snacking, sharing, or traveling.