Nerds Rope, Rainbow 0.92 oz

Finding yourself at the end of your NERDS Rope Candy way too soon these days? Here’s your chance to get roped into doing something delicious. Blissfull in size, these sweet eats know the ropes when it comes to taking on big cravings. Each pack of NERDS Rope Candy has a sweet combination of flavorful ropes inside. Packed with irresistibly tiny morsels of crunchy, sweet and tangy NERDS candy goodness on the outside & a soft and chewy gummy candy rope on the inside. Whether you’re snacking on your own or choosing to tear & share crunchy, chewy bites of your NERDS Ropes with others, this box offers plenty of ways for you & yours to take a bite out of your cravings for crunchy, chewy, & sweet candy whenever they occur. This candy fuels fun well beyond snack time, so what are you waiting for? Haven’t we told you just enough about NERDS Rope to convince you to treat yourself? Go ahead!