Melitta European Indulgence Classic Blend Medium Roast Coffee

Melitta® European Indulgence Classic Blend Medium Roast. Extra fine grind. Easy open top. 100% high grown Arabica beans. Our signature blend. Rich & velvety smooth. Never bitter. Experience the taste of Europe. Now with easy open top. At Melitta® we use only the top 2% of Arabica beans harvested each year. These higher quality beans are primarily sourced from smaller family farms that are located at the highest altitudes in the world's best coffee producing regions. We batch roast our beans and then grind them extra fine in true European fashion. This distinctive fine grind unlocks all the coffee's flavor, providing a rich, full-bodied cup that is always smooth and never bitter. From our signature classic blend to our rich and indulgent flavored coffees, Melitta's® unique quality is evident in every sip. Questions or comments Go to or call 1.888.MELITTA. All rights reserved. ®Registered trademark of a company of the Melitta Group. Recyclable.