Burgers Smokehouse Bacon, Original Country 12 Oz

Simple traditions since 1952. Naturally smoked. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. What is Country Dry-Cured Bacon? Regardless of what our Declaration of Independence says about you and me, not all bacon is created equal. The fact is we use curing methods that were quite common during the time our Founding Fathers were contemplating our system of government. Today most grocery store bacon is pumped with a brine mixture, which is fine, but to bacon enthusiasts these modern methods just don't measure up to the rich, robust flavors that are created by traditional methods. Whether planting a garden or producing great bacon, it takes patience to see it through, but the effort is well worth it. At Burgers' Smokehouse we apply salt, brown sugar, and pepper, then the cure slowly absorbs into the bacon. Finally, we light a real fire using real hickory sawdust to create real smoke to produce a golden brown color. So make your forefathers proud, enjoy the authentic flavor of Burgers' Country Bacon. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Smokehouse.com. Family owned & crafted in the USA.