Malt O Meal Cereal, Tootie Fruities, Super Size 30 oz

Malt O Meal Tootie Fruities Cereal with Marshmallows is bursting with bright colorful cereal pieces and little marshmallow bits that add a dash of fun to your morning breakfast cereal. Malt O Meal Tootie Fruities marshmallow cereal is filled with bite sized pieces of crunchy fruit flavored cereal and marshmallow bits that deliver the perfect amount of fruitiness to your breakfast. Fill your morning cereal bowl with these crispy, Tootie Fruity cereal pieces and marshmallows and enjoy delicious blasts of fruit flavor with each spoonful. The larger bagged cereal size means there's more fruity cereal to share with everyone in the family. Plus, a bigger bag of family size cereal means fewer trips to the store for even more cost savings. Stock up on deliciousness and value with Malt O Meal cereal bags. This fruity marshmallow cereal works great as an after school snack or for adding on top of homemade desserts like birthday cakes and cupcakes. Malt O Meal cereal features a resealable seal at the top of each bag so your bagged cereal always tastes fresh. Every bag of Malt-O-Meal cereal is backed by Malt O Meal’s Taste Guarantee, meaning if you don’t love the breakfast cereal for any reason, it’s free (1). (1) With proof of actual retail purchase, the date code from the package, and the reason for dissatisfaction, we’ll offer you one reimbursement per variety per person/per household.