Lunchables Cookie Dunks Snack Combinations 1.95 oz

Mini chocolate chip cookies, marshmallow creme, sprinkles. Per Pack: 240 calories; 5 g sat fat (24% DV); 65 mg sodium (3% DV); 25 g total sugars. Lunchables Cookie Dunks Snack Combinations are a great way to snack on the go. Enjoy the tasty flavor combination of mini chocolate chip cookies, marshmallow creme and rainbow sprinkles. This ready to serve dessert snack makes a delicious treat for kids at home or in a school lunch, and adults can indulge in a tasty cookie snack at home or at work too. Just open the convenient snack tray and you're ready to dip and enjoy. The ingredients come packaged in a sectioned snack tray to keep them separate, and the tray comes sealed so you can bring an individual fun snack for kids anywhere you go. There's no need to refrigerate or freeze this 1.95 ounce dessert treat.