Kingsford Charcoal Briquets, with Applewood 16 lb

Made with 100% natural ingredients. Sweet & fruity wood flavor. About 4 uses. Great with chicken; pork; fish. Since 1920. The first. The best. The original. In 1920, Kingsford sparked a backyard revolution by transforming scrap wood from the ford model into the first charcoal briquets. Today, America's favorite charcoal still brings people together for delicious, wood-fired BBQ. An American original at Kingsford, we take pride in giving you the best BBQ flavor by using 100% natural ingredients, including real American wood. We proudly craft our briquets in plants across the USA with generations of expertise, bringing you the best in authentic BBQ flavor since 1920. Visit us at Find the right charcoal. BBQ Master Series: Great for smoking. Great for searing. Instant: Light instantly. Wood flavor. On-the-go. Flavors: Wood flavor. Regular: All-purpose. Nothing burns longer (Compared to nationally available store brand charcoal in the USA). Choose from three convenient sizes. Large 16 lbs: About 4 uses. Applewood. Smoky flavor for anything grill. The easy way to great grilling. Prep. Cook. Enjoy. Clean. Awesome! Love this product! Adds great flavor and doesn't create hot spots. - Mamabear. Holiday traditions. Backyard BBQs. The great outdoors. The tailgate. Questions or comments? Visit us on the Web at or call 1-800-232-4745. Proudly manufactured in the USA. Made in the USA with North American ingredients. Made in USA of global ingredients.