International Delight Coffee Creamer, Berries & Creme 32 fl oz

Dearest Gentle Reader! Rejoice — You're cordially invited to a flavor fete extraordinaire. You’ll burn for this International Delight Bridgerton Berries & Creme Coffee Creamer. Fall in love with the fruit flavored creamer that your coffee's been waiting for, inspired by your favorite TV show, Bridgerton. Add some of our Bridgerton Berries & Creme Coffee Creamer for notes of sweet, ripe berries alongside smooth, rich creme. Lift a glass with this Bridgerton flavored coffee creamer and wait with bated breath to savor the fruit of this creamy flavor union. It’s sure to become the object of all your desires. Check out all of our limited edition, seasonal flavors, and one-of-a-kind International Delight mashups to bring some excitement to your coffee break. International Delight Creamers are also lactose free and gluten free, so they're easy to share. But alas, these gemstones are fleeting, and shan’t outlast the season. Indulge while you may! (C) 2023 Netflix. All rights reserved. BRIDGERTON and Netflix marks (TM) Netflix. Shondaland mark (TM) Shondaland. Used with permission.